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[Flutter] Flutter 1.2発表。







1.Improved stability, performance and quality of the core framework.

2.Work to polish visual finish and functionality of existing widgets.

3.New web-based tooling for developers building Flutter applications.

The plug-in team has also been busy in Flutter 1.2, with work well underway to support in-app purchases, as well as many bug fixes for video player, webview, and maps. And thanks to a pull request contributed by a developer from Intuit, we now have support for Android App Bundles, a new packaging format that helps in reducing app size and enables new features like dynamic delivery for Android apps.

Dart DevTools

1.A widget inspector, which enables visualization and exploration of the tree hierarchy that Flutter uses for rendering.

2.A timeline view that helps you diagnose your application at a frame-by-frame level, identifying rendering and computational work that may cause animation 'jank' in your apps.

3.A full source-level debugger that lets you step through code, set breakpoints and investigate the call stack.

4.A logging view that shows activity you log from your application as well as network, framework and garbage collection events.



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