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2つのbare metal applicationをZynqの2つのARM Cortex-A9で動作させようとしている。

Unfortunately the Vivado design suite I am using 2014.1 … does not support AMP when it generates an FSBL (first-stage boot loader). Therefore to get this example up and running I will be using the modified FSBL and modified standalone OS provided as part of Xilinx Application note XAPP1079. (The source files are available here http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/application_notes/xapp1079-amp-bare-metal-cortex-a9.pdf)



Having downloaded the zip file the first step is to extract the zipped files into your desired working directory and to rename the folder called SRC to design. These files contain both a modified FSBL and a modified, standalone OS. We need the SDK to be aware of these files so the next step is to update your SDK repository to make the SDK aware of their existence. Within SDK under the Xilinx tools menu, select repositories and then new, navigating to the directory location \app1079\design\work\sdk_repo as shown below: