Google Drive > 3rd パーティへのRealtime API capabilities の停止 (2018-12-11)

2018年3月現在、Mindmupというツールを使い作ったファイルはGoogle Driveに保存している。


Important information for people who use MindMup with Google Drive!topic/mindmup2/zmx9Z9yDoWI

Google plans to stop providing the Realtime API capabilities for
Google Drive files to third parties (such as MindMup). The change will
take effect from December 11th 2018, according to their announcement.


Existing Realtime API client applications will continue to work normally until December 11, 2018, but we are no longer accepting new clients of the API. After the API is decommissioned, to facilitate migration, we will continue to provide a mechanism for applications to access document contents as JSON.

2018年12月11日にRealtime APIが廃止になった時点でこれまでの作業ができなくなるようだ。



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