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# core-jsとは
# メンテされない
> https://github.com/zloirock/core-js/issues/548#issuecomment-494112872
> 2019年5月21日 4:06 JST
> Dear @jpike88!
> Almost 5 years almost every day I spend some hour for maintenance core-js. It's not a library from some lines which I can write and forget about it - it should react on any change in JavaScript standard or proposals, on any new JS engine release, on any significant bug in JS engines. core-js has become the de facto standard of JavaScript standard library features polyfill.
> I was working on the project in my spare time. No one paid me for it, more other - I didn't use it actively in my work, I worked on it since I thought that it was required for JavaScript community. No one of browser vendors, TC39, big companies which use core-js helped me. Users started actively contribute to this project only some months ago.
> Some previous months I worked almost fulltime on core-js@3 and polyfilling-related Babel features instead of making money as I thought it was important for JavaScript community and planned to find a new fulltime work after release.
> 2 months ago I started raising funds to core-js maintenance. Current result - 7\$ / month on Patreon, 50$ / month on Open Collective. Not seriously, but better than nothing - users use Babel or their frameworks for polyfilling and just don't know that they use core-js indirectly. Not a problem since anyway I didn't think about open source as about a way to earn any serious money.
> However, shit happens. Because of one accident, now I have some serious problems for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and a real chance to be in prison - doubtful pleasure - interesting, who will maintain core-js in this case? Since previous months I worked on open source, I have not any financial pillow for solving those problems.
> After a little discussion, I understood that I can't count to any help from Babel. Nothing to say.
> So why not to make this little experiment? I think that some lines in NPM installation log, which can be hidden if it's required, are an acceptable price for using core-js. I don’t think that I’ll be able to get a however significant part of required at this moment money, however, each dollar makes sense. And some more people will know that I am ready to consider job offers.
> And after that, someone says that I'm not right because I added a message on postinstall... The right thing for you is somehow supporting core-js instead of creating issues like this.
> Initially, I wanted to add a message on postinstall as an experiment for some days, but because of your reaction I see that adding a message on postinstall was the right thing, so I leave it here. Thank you for this issue.
> Let this issue be opened a little more time.
> https://github.com/zloirock/core-js/issues/548#issuecomment-495075412
> 2019年5月23日 14:42 JST
> 1. Because at that moment I didn't think that Babel would betray me? I worked on polyfilling stuff for Babel almost from the start of the project, but when I asked about any help and it was really required - I received a refusal.
> 2. Seems so, thanks to our stupid law.
> >If you are in prison, who will maintain it then?
> See above - I haven't any options.
> https://github.com/zloirock/core-js/issues/747#issuecomment-573318269
> 2020年1月11日 22:45 JST
> BTW since I was not able to find required funds, after some days I'll be in prison and it could be my final goodbye for pieces of shit like you.
# つまりどういうことだってばよ?
- core-jsはbabelのほとんど初期からポリフィルの作成のために貢献してきた
- ところが多くのユーザーは(babelのことは知っていても)core-jsのことは知らない
- core-jsはzloirock一人によって5年以上メンテされてきた
- しかしcore-jsを使用しているTC39のブラウザベンダーは誰も助けてくれなかった
- babelも助けてくれなかった
- 2019年3月からメンテナンスのための資金を集め始めたが、一ヶ月あたりPatreonから7ドル、Open Collectiveから50ドル(訳注: 1ドル100円として月額たったの5700円!)
- まあしかしOSSで稼ごうと思ったわけではないのでそれ自体が問題ではない
- ところがzloirockがオートバイを時速60km/hで運転中に横断歩道を歩行中の女性をひくという交通事故を引き起こし、被害者は死亡した。
-- さらに控訴審を経て**1年半**の収監確定した(訳注: いつから?2020/01/14を最後に姿を消したから2022/08くらいまで??)
+- さらに控訴審を経て**1年半**の収監確定した(訳注: いつから?2020/01/14を最後に姿を消したから2021/08くらいまで??)
# 交通事故そのものはどういうもの?
# core-jsはだれがメンテするの?
Babel projectがメンテすることはあるのだろうか。zloirockの要請には拒否したようだが。