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ところがこれやってると、bundlerからhttps://github.com/mpapis/rubygems-bundler 使えって言われた。
> Generally, this gem is not needed on RubyGems >= 2.2.0. Simply set the RUBYGEMS_GEMDEPS environment variable to either the path of your Gemfile or - to auto-discover in parent directories.
> RubyGems can check for gem dependencies files (gem.deps.rb or Gemfile) when rubygems executables are started and uses the found dependencies. This means rake will work similar to bundle exec rake. To enable this set the RUBYGEMS_GEMDEPS environment variable to the location of your dependencies file.
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> If you set it to be RUBYGEMS_GEMDEPS=- (minus sign), it will look for a gemfile in the current directory (and deeper directories too, I think).
gem -v