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1.make(chan 型)でchannelを作成
2. goroutineにchannelを持たせ、go goroutine(変数, channel)とする
3. 値は、「c <- numで受信、<-cで送信」(cはchannnel)
4. cに値が入るまで、<-cの次の行を実行させないことが可能

package main

import (

func goroutine(s []string, c chan string) {
    var str string
    for _, v := range s {
        str += v
    //c <- numでnumを受信
    c <- str

func main() {
    s := []string{"Hello","World","!","Mr.","Ren" }
    //make(chan string)でstring型のchannelを作成
    c := make(chan string)
    go goroutine(s, c)
    x := <-c

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?