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[めも]Oracle JRE will no longer trust MD5-signed code by default (2017/4/18以降)

More than 3 years have passed since last update.


Java SE Downloadsから引用

Important planned change for MD5-signed JARs
Starting with the April Critical Patch Update releases, planned for April 18 2017, all JRE versions will treat JARs signed with MD5 as unsigned.


詳細記事: Oracle JRE will no longer trust MD5-signed code by default

This change affecting MD5-signed JARS will be enabled by default no sooner than with Oracle Java SE 8u131 which will be released with the April 2017 Critical Patch Update, as well as in the corresponding releases of Oracle Java SE 7, Oracle Java SE 6 and Oracle JRockit R28, which will be available to qualified customers through My Oracle Support.

Java SE 7、Java SE 6なども、同時にアップデートが提供される(サポート契約の内容による)。

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