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Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #17: セキュリティ & オブザーバビリティ 参加メモ

More than 1 year has passed since last update.

root権限無しでKubernetesを動かす (30min) Akihiro Suda ( @_AkihiroSuda_ ), NTT

Container Runtime Security with Falco (30min) Michael Ducy, sysdig


Secure your K8s cluster from multi-layer (30min) JIANTANG HAO, Yahoo Japan

Enable RBAC
Enable TLS
Encripting Secret data
Enable audit log
Admission Controllers
Validation, Mutationg or Both
ValidationWebhookConfiguration resource
k8s workload layer
Run container as a Non-RootUser
Run a Cluster-wide Pod Security policy
Create and Define Cluster network policy
Use namespace for isolation
Controlling witch nodes pods may access
Controlling the capabilites by setting Resource Quota
Security Context
PodSecurityPolicy -> Binding Role or clusterRole.

LT 1: Kubernetes 1.12 から実装された Runtime Classについて @makocchi

LT 2: Kubernetes初心者がKubernetesの気持ちを理解したくてやったこと @_inductor_

LT 3: kube-system意識出来ていますか? @tarosaiba

LT 4: イベント駆動ワークフローArgo Eventsの紹介 @dtaniwaki

LT 5: k8sとOPAつなげてみた Kengo Suzuki

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