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php-master-changes 2018-09-17

マージコミットがあまりなかった、ということは今日は master に直接多めに修正入った日


nikic: Remove unused ZEND_FILE_LINE in i_zval_ptr_dtor

nikic: Remove unnecessary destroy wrappers

carusogabriel: Use EXPECT instead of EXPECTF when possible


petk: Remove HAVE_STDLIB_H

carusogabriel: Explain why the test was skipped

petk: Make PHP development tools files executable

petk: Remove HAVE_STDIO_H

nikic: Perform final GC before the object store is freed

nikic: Remove PHP_XML_INTERNAL defines

nikic: Don't use xml resource in openssl test

weltling: Fix localized error messages and memory leaks

nikic: Remove GNUC guard around stddef.h include

nikic: Remove unused HAVE_MEM_MMAP_ANON and HAVE_MEM_MMAP_ZERO checks

weltling: Fix error setting, both errors are needed

nikic: Remove unused MREMAP_MAYMOVE compatibility define

nikic: Don't install libt1-dev on travis