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php-master-changes 2018-09-13

今日も Dmitry が元気め

エラー処理は積極的に関数へ切り出して cold へ回した方が、分岐予測のヒントになったり、エラー処理のコードがキャッシュ圧迫しないようなバイナリレイアウトにできたり、という感じか


dstogov: Optimize method/property visibility checks

weltling: Add debug message for failing test parts

weltling: Show all unmatched errors when test failed

dstogov: Avoid unnecesury iterations over parent classes, in case of no overriden private properties.

dstogov: Micro-optimization

weltling: More possibly colliding libs to remove from the test image

dstogov: typo

dstogov: Micro-optimization (condition reordering)

dstogov: Split error code into "cold" functions and cleanup.

weltling: Remove colliding file from CI image

weltling: Fix typo

dstogov: Make visibilty check in is_callable() to be consistent with zend_std_get_method()

TysonAndre: Fix a typo in a class catch in Phar

dstogov: Simplify _clone() visibility check (magic methods still don't respect ZENDACC_CHANGED).

dstogov: Remove zend_check_private()