php-master-changes 2018-10-26

今日は opcache のヒープ利用の修正、share interned strings の ZTS での改善、ドキュメントの修正、シャットダウン時のバグ修正、is_iterable の opcache 最適化の用関数情報への追加があった!


dstogov: Don't use request heap at shutdown

dstogov: Improved shared interned strings handling. The previous implementation worked incorrectly in ZTS build. It changed strings only in function/class tables of one thread. Now all threads gets the same shared interned strings. Also, on shutdown, we don't try to replace SHM interned strings back to process strings, but delay dettachment of SHM instead.

LawnGnome: [ci skip] Fix indentation in UPGRADING.

dstogov: Don't wrap php_module_shutdown() with zend_try. executor_globals are released in ZTS build, and this leads to crash.

carusogabriel: Add is_iterable to opcache Optimizer