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php-master-changes 2018-09-24

ext/oci8 へ修正が入り、それに伴い 7.1 〜のコード体裁をある程度 master へ同期するようパッチがあたった


petk: Rename *.php files in Zend/tests to *.inc

petk: Rename *.php files in ext/dom tests to *.inc

petk: Remove outdated zlib readme file for windows build

cjbj: Remove trailing whitespace to help keep branches in sync

cjbj: Sync EXPECT usage with PHP-7.3

cjbj: And strip trailing tabs too...

cjbj: Remove $id from phpinfo as already done in PHP-7.3

cjbj: Make tests portable across PHP 7.x versions

cjbj: Backport master branch comment typo fix

cjbj: Make usable for PECL OCI8 release for PHP 7.x

cjbj: Terminate smart string correctly