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Meteorのあんちょこ꒰。・ω・`;꒱ デプロイ編

More than 1 year has passed since last update.


  • GalaxyというPaasがあるらしく、これを使用すると、簡単にデプロイできるらしい。

  • 0.035USD/hour→0.84USD/day

  • "meteor bundle"コマンドを用いることで、単独で動作するNode.jsアプリケーションの形にバンドル可。Heroku等のPaasにデプロイ可。


$ meteor deploy test-meteor-sample.meteor.com

Talking to Galaxy servers at https://us-east-1.galaxy-deploy.meteor.com
Error deploying application: Your account is not authorized to deploy to Galaxy.


プロジェクト作成 & ローカルで動作確認


$ meteor create hello

$ meteor update

$ meteor
[[[[[ ~/meteor_heroku/simple-todos ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
=> Meteor 1.4 is available. Update this project with 'meteor update'.
=> Started MongoDB.
=> Started your app.

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/
#--> localhost:3000で動作確認

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "simple todos"



$ heroku create

https://****.herokuapp.com/ | https://git.heroku.com/****.git
# ===> 動作確認

# Buildpackの設定
$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/AdmitHub/meteor-buildpack-horse.git

# mongodbの設定
$ heroku addons:create mongolab
Creating mongolab-fluffy-37768... done, (free)
Adding mongolab-fluffy-37768 to salty-retreat-47355... done
Setting MONGODB_URI and restarting salty-retreat-47355... done, v3
Welcome to mLab. Your new subscription is being created and will be available shortly. Please consult the mLab Add-on Admin UI to check on its progress.
Use `heroku addons:docs mongolab` to view documentation.

$ heroku config:set ROOT_URL=https://****************.herokuapp.com/

# 1Dynoで運用する設定を施す
$ heroku labs:enable http-session-affinity

$ git push heroku master