There are plenty of employee GPS tracking apps in the Market. I would like to introduce MTOAG Employee Tracking App with excellent features.

Overview of Employee Tracking App.

  • Manage your business resources effectively by knowing the details of your employees work location.

  • Easily track your employee's work location who are deployed in field.
  • Employees real time login and logout status.

  • Instant map view of your field employees.

  • Employees can capture task done images & can send multiple no of files.
  • Report or circulate message/important updates to the team.

Tracking App Features

  • GPS features:- Track employees on real time basis & know there live movements on Google map.

  • Assign order to team:- With the help of this you can easily assign the order to team at various locations sitting at one place only.

  • Plan & schedule visits:- Scheduling/rescheduling/cancellation can be easily done & update it on app thus helps quick processing.

  • 100 % assurance:- Get assured about your employee's status by ensuring they are safe & working productive.

  • Actual visit counter:- Capture the actual time when an employee's meet to client & depart from there.

  • Sales order:- Take the customer order & update their complete information regarding order.

  • Ease payment:- Customers get the convenient options for multiple payments like cash/card/net banking/etc.

  • Feedback/Ratings:- Receives ratings or feedback from clients & know whether work has been done properly or needs improvement.

Employee App

- An employee can sign-in using the login credentials.
Forgot password: They can reset their password by clicking on forgot password options.employee tracking app 1.png

Menu - In menu user can view the list like dashboard, profile, change passwords, open leads, closed leads, add new leads, logout, etc.
Dashboard - User can overview the present assigned leads/closed leads/open leads/etc.
employee tracking app 2.png

Open leads - An employee can view the open lead details.
Closed details - An employee can view the closed leads details.

employee tracking app 3.png

Add new leads - User can add new lead details, attach the file, etc.
Lead details - User can view the reschedule/completed/not interested lead details.
employee tracking app 4.png

Reschedule details - User can reschedule the lead details by giving the valid reason & date/time.
Not interested details - User can write the reason for not interested leads & can submit.
employee tracking app 5.png

Completed details - User can fill the completed details and submit.
Edit profile - User can edit their profile & can submit.

employee tracking app 6.png

Admin panel(Statistical dashboard)

employee tracking app 7.png

Admin panel(manage email listing like add/edit/search/etc.)

employee tracking app 8.png

Admin panel(manage cities like add/edit/delete/search/etc.)

employee tracking app 9.png

Admin panel(Manage plans like add/edit/delete/search/etc.)

employee tracking app 10.png

Admin panel(Manage connection type like add/edit/delete/etc.)

employee tracking app 11.png

Admin panel(Manage supervisor like add/edit/delete/search/etc.)

employee tracking app 12.png

Admin panel(Manage leads like add/view/edit/delete/search/etc.)

employee tracking app 13.png

Admin panel(Manage FOS log like view/search/reset/delete/etc.)

employee tracking app 14.png

Admin panel(Manage reports)

employee tracking app 15.png

Admin panel(Manage message listing)

employee tracking app 16.png

Please go through Employee Tracking App link to get more information about Employee GPS Tracking App Solution.

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