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(A6) =P("V_1 2","V_2 4","内積_0,1")    [10]

Function 内積(ParamArray M())
    Dim S: S = ""
    Select Case UBound(M)
        Case 1: S = WorksheetFunction.SumProduct(M(0), M(1))
        Case 2: S = WorksheetFunction.SumProduct(M(0), M(1), M(2))
    End Select
    内積 = S
End Function


(A7) =M_("1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9")        [1]
(A8) =SUM(M_("1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9"))     [45]  

Function M_(D, Optional L1 = ",", Optional L2 = " ", Optional S = "")
    If D Like "M_*" Then D = Right(D, Len(D) - 2)
    D = WorksheetFunction.Trim(D)

    Dim D1: D1 = Split(D, L1)      ' ROW
    Dim D2: D2 = Split(D1(0), L2)  ' COLUMN
    Dim M1: M1 = UBound(D1)
    Dim M2: M2 = UBound(D2)
    ReDim S(M1, M2)

    Dim I: For I = 0 To M1
       D2 = Split(WorksheetFunction.Trim(D1(I)), L2)
       Dim J: For J = 0 To M2
           S(I, J) = E(Val(D2(J)), 0)
       Next J
    Next I
    M_ = S
End Function

Trim の仕様の違い

Trim だと、空白の扱いが違う事で、微妙にバグるので、WorksheetFunction.Trimに置き換えます。

Function P(ParamArray F())
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim M: M = UBound(F)
    Dim A: ReDim A(M)
    Dim I: For I = 0 To M
        Dim S: S = ""
        Select Case TypeName(F(I))
            Case "String"
                Dim D: D = WorksheetFunction.Trim(F(I)) ' D = Trim(F(I)) から置き換え
                Select Case True
                    Case D Like "V_*": S = V_(D)
                    Case D Like "R_*": S = R_(D)
                    Case D Like "M_*": S = M_(D)     ' 2次元配列の為に追加
                    Case Else

Excel Insider 2011年まで某航空会社子会社のネットワーク技術者 2012年以降は旋盤工
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