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Android 4.2.2から通知の挙動が若干変わっていた.

More than 5 years have passed since last update.



  • 音が鳴らない
  • LEDが光らない
  • ステータスバーにアイコンが出ない



4.2.2に入っているCommit Commentは以下の通りです。

commit 526fa0e6d5cfe6ca3f390982c169b43fcb7d6f78
Author: Daniel Sandler <>
Date:   Tue Dec 4 14:51:50 2012 -0500

PRIORITY_MIN notifications should be truly ambient.

If your notification is set to MIN priority, it will never
attempt to interrupt the user, either by an icon (already
implemented), or (new in this patch) by LED, vibration, or



public static final int PRIORITY_MIN

Added in API level 16
Lowest priority; these items might not be shown to the user except under special circumstances, such as detailed notification logs.

Constant Value: -2 (0xfffffffe)
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