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box addとかは基本的に使うコマンドとしてここには載せていません。


vagrant box outdated


$ vagrant box outdated
Checking if box 'centos/7' is up to date...
A newer version of the box 'centos/7' for provider 'virtualbox' is
available! You currently have version '1803.01'. The latest is version
'1804.02'. Run `vagrant box update` to update.

vagrant box prune


$ vagrant box prune
The following boxes will be kept...
centos/7            (virtualbox, 1804.02)
onozaty/redmine-3.4 (virtualbox, 1.2.0)

Checking for older boxes...
Box 'centos/7' (v1803.01) with provider 'virtualbox' appears
to still be in use by at least one Vagrant environment. Removing
the box could corrupt the environment. We recommend destroying
these environments first:

default (ID: 4483bf8c56fa4cd2b1e1452cb7d2bd3e)
default (ID: 37a038aee80348c7ab80bbdc8d7728da)
default (ID: b53102aa723d4e88867d5b04720803cd)

Are you sure you want to remove this box? [y/N] y
Removing box 'centos/7' (v1803.01) with provider 'virtualbox'...

本当に削除されているのか vagrant box listで確認。

$ vagrant box list
centos/7            (virtualbox, 1804.02)
onozaty/redmine-3.4 (virtualbox, 1.2.0)

vagrant box repackage


$ vagrant box repackage centos/7 virtualbox 1804.02
$ ls

vagrant box update


 vagrant box update
==> default: Checking for updates to 'centos/7'
    default: Latest installed version: 1803.01
    default: Version constraints: 
    default: Provider: virtualbox
==> default: Updating 'centos/7' with provider 'virtualbox' from version
==> default: '1803.01' to '1804.02'...
==> default: Loading metadata for box ''
==> default: Adding box 'centos/7' (v1804.02) for provider: virtualbox
    default: Downloading:
==> default: Box download is resuming from prior download progress
    default: Download redirected to host:
==> default: Successfully added box 'centos/7' (v1804.02) for 'virtualbox'!
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