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Mysql ログインコマンド
mysql -u kotakawa1110 -p

root ログイン
mysql -u root -p


drop database if exists myapp;
create database myapp;
grant all on myapp.* to kotakawa1110 identified by "@Kota0108";


. ./create_myapp.sql  root mysql内で実行


mysql -u root -p < create_myapp.sql

select count(page_id) from page;
DESC page;

create database jpencut CHARACTER SET utf8

alter table bicuttext change id id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT;

create table bicuttext (id int primary key, jptitle varchar(255), jppage mediumblob, entitle varchar(255), enpage mediumblob);

ALTER TABLE page ADD INDEX index_title2(page_title);

page_titleにインデックスを貼る。(use JpWikipedia内)

show index from page;

$ask = "select ll_title from langlinks where ll_from=".$id." and ll_lang='".$ll_lang."'";

$ask = "select rd_title from redirect where rd_from=".$rd_from_id;

alter table langlinks add index index_link_id(ll_from);

alter table langlinks add index index_link_lang(ll_lang);

alter table redirect add index index_rd(rd_from);

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