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Puppet 4.6 リリースノート ピックアップ

More than 3 years have passed since last update.


Puppet 4.6.0

New features

Identify manual change corrected by Puppet

This release adds a new report event field called corrective_change that is designed to detect manual change that has been corrected by a Puppet run.

This feature should help users to detect when an unexpected change occurred outside of Puppet, allowing better auditing and understanding around changes.

This feature achieves this by storing the last best known value for each property that is applied by Puppet, and comparing that against the values in the next Puppet run.


構成管理対象なサーバーが、ツール以外で変更されたのを確認する(Puppet corrective_change)

Specify multiple masters with server_list option

This change adds master failover functionality to the puppet agent. Using the new server_list option to specify multiple masters, an agent will now attempt to fall back to a functional master should a failure to download a catalog occur. The server_list setting can be either provided on the command line or configured in puppet.conf, and has the format server_list = master1_hostname:port,master2_hostname:port,master3_hostname:port.

The old server option can still be used to specify a single master, in which case failover will not be attempted and Puppet will behave as it always has. Specifying a single server with the server_list option has the same effect.



PUP-6378: This adds a field to the report indicating which master was contacted during the run.


Misc bug fixes

PUP-6125: Running puppet agent --verbose used to generate log output to both console and syslog (or eventlog on Windows). When adding --logdest syslog option, log output was still sent to both the console and syslog (eventlog). Now adding --logdest syslog causes logging to be delivered only to syslog (eventlog) and not to the console.

--verboseオプションを使った場合にコンソールログとsyslogの両方にログが出ていたのが、--logdest syslogで、syslogだけにログを出すよう指定できるように修正されたようです。


Puppet 4.6 Release Notes

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