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Pry.config.color = false



def Pry.set_color sym, color
  CodeRay::Encoders::Terminal::TOKEN_COLORS[sym] = color.to_s
  { sym => color.to_s }

Pry.set_color :integer, "\e[1;36m"

使える Symbol の一覧とデフォルト色設定は次の通りです。

pry(main)> CodeRay::Encoders::Terminal::TOKEN_COLORS
=> {
  debug: "\e[1;37;44m",
  annotation: "\e[34m",
  attribute_name: "\e[35m",
  attribute_value: "\e[31m",
  binary: { self: "\e[31m", char: "\e[1;31m", delimiter: "\e[1;31m" },
  char: { self: "\e[35m", delimiter: "\e[1;35m" },
  class: "\e[1;35;4m",
  class_variable: "\e[36m",
  color: "\e[32m",
  comment: { self: "\e[1;34m", char: "\e[37m", delimiter: "\e[37m" },
  constant: "\e[1;34;4m",
  decorator: "\e[35m",
  definition: "\e[1;33m",
  directive: "\e[33m",
  docstring: "\e[31m",
  doctype: "\e[1;34m",
  done: "\e[1;30;2m",
  entity: "\e[31m",
  error: "\e[1;37;41m",
  exception: "\e[1;31m",
  float: "\e[1;35m",
  function: "\e[1;34m",
  global_variable: "\e[1;32m",
  hex: "\e[1;36m",
  id: "\e[1;34m",
  include: "\e[31m",
  integer: "\e[1;34m",
  imaginary: "\e[1;34m",
  important: "\e[1;31m",
  key: { self: "\e[35m", char: "\e[1;35m", delimiter: "\e[1;35m" },
  keyword: "\e[32m",
  label: "\e[1;33m",
  local_variable: "\e[33m",
  namespace: "\e[1;35m",
  octal: "\e[1;34m",
  predefined: "\e[36m",
  predefined_constant: "\e[1;36m",
  predefined_type: "\e[1;32m",
  preprocessor: "\e[1;36m",
  pseudo_class: "\e[1;34m",
  regexp: { self: "\e[35m", delimiter: "\e[1;35m", modifier: "\e[35m", char: "\e[1;35m" },
  reserved: "\e[32m",
  shell: { self: "\e[33m", char: "\e[1;33m", delimiter: "\e[1;33m", escape: "\e[1;33m" },
  string: {
    self: "\e[31m",
    modifier: "\e[1;31m",
    char: "\e[1;35m",
    delimiter: "\e[1;31m",
    escape: "\e[1;31m"
  symbol: { self: "\e[33m", delimiter: "\e[1;33m" },
  tag: "\e[32m",
  type: "\e[1;34m",
  value: "\e[36m",
  variable: "\e[34m",
  insert: { self: "\e[42m", insert: "\e[1;32;42m", eyecatcher: "\e[102m" },
  delete: { self: "\e[41m", delete: "\e[1;31;41m", eyecatcher: "\e[101m" },
  change: { self: "\e[44m", change: "\e[37;44m" },
  head: { self: "\e[45m", filename: "\e[37;45m" },
  method: "\e[1;34m",
  escape: nil


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