Technology today has numerous applications. From smartphones to medical machinery, the development technology has been helping a lot of professions including the field of construction. With the help of technology and its advancements, new ways and services are now offered by construction companies such as the Unmanned Aerial Photogrammetric Survey offered by DTS.


DTS is an urban planning and surveying company that has been serving people since 1968. What was once a simple surveying company back then has already grew to become one of the most advanced service providers in its field. With the use of Unmanned Aerial Surveying, DTS now provides their clients with faster data while ensuring that their employees are safe also aided by technology.


Unmanned Aerial Surveying has a lot of applications and some of them are the following:

Vegetation Rehabilitation – Through aerial mapping, DTS can provide their clients with essential information for the rehabilitation of sites such as identifying the growth of vegetation through time. With the help of machines, vegetation can be detected and measured accurately to compare to future data.

Environmental Monitoring – Aside from mapping vegetation, drone technology can also be perfectly used to monitor areas, such in the case of crop fields. Through the help of this service, identifying the extent of any pest, disease, or other crop concerns can be done easily. Furthermore, the latest applications of algorithms can also help you determine the general health of the field.

Geographic Information Systems – With drone technology, data integration can now be done in a more efficient rate. Apart from that, with the help of the latest software, mapping 2D and 3D built form of urban areas can now be done easily. Through this, spotting areas to develop and measuring it will be faster.

Mining – As mentioned, through this technology, measuring sites and other processes is now safer since there won’t be any need for manual assistance anymore. When it comes to mining, safety is one of the most critical concerns and through this technology; miners wouldn’t have to stay too long underground to capture data regarding the site.

These are just some of the applications of the Unmanned Aerial Surveying Service and there are a lot more worth mentioning also. Should you feel like you would be saving a lot of resources by availing this service, do not hesitate and you can find DTS here.

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