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More than 1 year has passed since last update.


$ git log //コミットidを探す
commit 5e76a65935a652f88f5280ad2ad10d7f3
Author: hoge <>
Date:   Thu Feb 21 13:17:29 2019 +0900

    install redux

commit b1a50e1f2cd788e2960ec2c341f372110d2
Author: hoge <>
Date:   Thu Feb 21 13:08:56 2019 +0900

    create application by create-react-app

commit e13b05391d054a72307bbe74183dcf02fc
Author: hoge <>
Date:   Thu Feb 21 12:59:33 2019 +0900

    first commit

$ git reset --hard コミットid


$ git branch -m 対象ブランチの名前 新しい名前

$ git branch -m 新しい名前


$ git fetch
$ git rebase -i origin/master
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