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$ ll /usr/bin/red*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  68272 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-benchmark*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  10464 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-check-aof*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  22760 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-check-dump*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 103008 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-cli*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     12 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-sentinel -> redis-server*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 635248 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-server*


wget http://download.redis.io/redis-stable.tar.gz
tar xzvf redis-stable.tar.gz
rm redis-stable.tar.gz 
cd redis-stable/
sudo make install  


mv redis.conf ../
cd src
sudo cp -rf redis-server /usr/bin
sudo cp -rf redis-cli /usr/bin
sudo cp -rf redis-check-aof /usr/bin
sudo cp -rf redis-benchmark /usr/bin
sudo cp -rf redis-check-rdb /usr/bin
sudo rm  /usr/bin/redis-check-dump 
cd ../..
cp redis.conf my.conf
rm -rf redis-stable/


$ ll /usr/bin/red*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2548702 Sep 17 10:33 /usr/bin/redis-benchmark*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5938969 Sep 17 10:33 /usr/bin/redis-check-aof*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5938969 Sep 17 10:33 /usr/bin/redis-check-rdb*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2729222 Sep 17 10:33 /usr/bin/redis-cli*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      12 Jan 14  2014 /usr/bin/redis-sentinel -> redis-server*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5938969 Sep 17 10:33 /usr/bin/redis-server*



$ /usr/bin/redis-server my.conf 
8374:C 17 Sep 10:50:35.125 # oO0OoO0OoO0Oo Redis is starting oO0OoO0OoO0Oo
8374:C 17 Sep 10:50:35.125 # Redis version=4.0.1, bits=64, commit=00000000, modified=0, pid=8374, just started
8374:C 17 Sep 10:50:35.125 # Configuration loaded
           _.-``__ ''-._                                             
      _.-``    `.  `_.  ''-._           Redis 4.0.1 (00000000/0) 64 bit
  .-`` .-```.  ```\/    _.,_ ''-._                                   
 (    '      ,       .-`  | `,    )     Running in standalone mode
 |`-._`-...-` __...-.``-._|'` _.-'|     Port: 6379
 |    `-._   `._    /     _.-'    |     PID: 8374
  `-._    `-._  `-./  _.-'    _.-'                                   
 |`-._`-._    `-.__.-'    _.-'_.-'|                                  
 |    `-._`-._        _.-'_.-'    |           http://redis.io        
  `-._    `-._`-.__.-'_.-'    _.-'                                   
 |`-._`-._    `-.__.-'    _.-'_.-'|                                  
 |    `-._`-._        _.-'_.-'    |                                  
  `-._    `-._`-.__.-'_.-'    _.-'                                   
      `-._    `-.__.-'    _.-'                                       
          `-._        _.-'                                           

8374:M 17 Sep 10:50:35.127 # WARNING: The TCP backlog setting of 511 cannot be enforced because /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn is set to the lower value of 128.
8374:M 17 Sep 10:50:35.127 # Server initialized
8374:M 17 Sep 10:50:35.127 # WARNING overcommit_memory is set to 0! Background save may fail under low memory condition. To fix this issue add 'vm.overcommit_memory = 1' to /etc/sysctl.conf and then reboot or run the command 'sysctl vm.overcommit_memory=1' for this to take effect.
8374:M 17 Sep 10:50:35.127 # WARNING you have Transparent Huge Pages (THP) support enabled in your kernel. This will create latency and memory usage issues with Redis. To fix this issue run the command 'echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled' as root, and add it to your /etc/rc.local in order to retain the setting after a reboot. Redis must be restarted after THP is disabled.
8374:M 17 Sep 10:50:35.127 * Ready to accept connections

おまけ /usr/bin以下を見てみる。


$ ls /usr/bin
2to3@                            dotlockfile*                lcf*                         perl*                  splitfont*
2to3-2.7*                        dpkg*                       ld@                          perl5.18.2*            sprof*
2to3-3.4*                        dpkg-architecture*          ld.bfd*                      perlbug*               sql*
GET@                             dpkg-buildflags*            ld.gold*                     perldoc*               sqlite3*
HEAD@                            dpkg-buildpackage*          ldd*                         perlivp*               squiggle*
Mail@                            dpkg-checkbuilddeps*        less@                        perlthanks*            ssh*
POST@                            dpkg-deb*                   lessecho@                    perror*                ssh-add*
X11@                             dpkg-distaddfile*           lessfile@                    pf2afm*                ssh-agent*
[*                               dpkg-divert*                lesskey@                     pfbtopfa*              ssh-argv0*
a2p*                             dpkg-genchanges*            lesspipe@                    pg*                    ssh-copy-id*
ack-grep*                        dpkg-gencontrol*            lex@                         pg_archivecleanup@     ssh-keygen*
aclocal@                         dpkg-gensymbols*            lexgrog*                     pg_basebackup@         ssh-keyscan*
aclocal-1.14*                    dpkg-maintscript-helper*    lftp*                        pg_config*             start_embedded@
add-apt-repository*              dpkg-mergechangelogs*       lftpget*                     pg_config.libpq-dev*   start_webtool@
addpart*                         dpkg-name*                  libnetcfg*                   pg_conftool*           stat*
addr2line*                       dpkg-parsechangelog*        libpng-config@               pg_createcluster*      stdbuf*
ant@                             dpkg-query*                 libpng12-config*             pg_ctlcluster*         strace*
appres*                          dpkg-scanpackages*          libtool*                     pg_dropcluster*        strings*
apropos@                         dpkg-scansources*           libtoolize*                  pg_dump@               strip*
apt*                             dpkg-shlibdeps*             line*                        pg_dumpall@            sudo*
apt-add-repository@              dpkg-source*                link*                        pg_isready@            sudoedit@
apt-cache*                       dpkg-split*                 linux32@                     pg_lsclusters*         sudoreplay*
apt-cdrom*                       dpkg-statoverride*          linux64@                     pg_receivewal@         sum*
apt-config*                      dpkg-trigger*               listres*                     pg_receivexlog@        sv*
apt-extracttemplates*            dpkg-vendor*                lnstat*                      pg_recvlogical@        svgpp*
apt-file*                        dropdb@                     loadkeys@                    pg_renamecluster*      svlogd*
apt-ftparchive*                  droplang@                   loadunimap*                  pg_restore@            svn*
apt-get*                         dropuser@                   locale*                      pg_upgradecluster*     svn-backup-dumps*
apt-key*                         du*                         localectl*                   pg_virtualenv*         svn-bench*
apt-mark*                        dumpkeys@                   localedef*                   pgawk*                 svn-bisect*
apt-sortpkgs*                    duplicity*                  locate@                      pgbench@               svn-clean*
ar*                              dvipdf*                     locate.findutils*            pgrep*                 svn-fast-backup*
arch*                            dwp*                        lockfile-check*              php@                   svn-hot-backup*
as*                              easy_install*               lockfile-create*             php5*                  svn-populate-node-origins-index*
autoconf*                        easy_install-2.7*           lockfile-remove*             pic*                   svn-rep-sharing-stats*
autoheader*                      easy_install-3.4*           lockfile-touch*              pico@                  svn_apply_autoprops*
autom4te*                        easy_install3*              logger*                      piconv*                svn_load_dirs*
automake@                        ebrowse@                    logname*                     pidstat*               svnadmin*
automake-1.14*                   ebrowse.emacs24*            look*                        pinky*                 svnauthz*
autoreconf*                      edit@                       lorder*                      pip*                   svnauthz-validate*
autoscan*                        editor@                     lsattr*                      pip2*                  svndumpfilter*
autoupdate*                      editres*                    lsb_release*                 pip3*                  svnlook*
awk@                             eject*                      lscpu*                       pkaction*              svnmucc*
base64*                          elfedit*                    lsinitramfs*                 pkcheck*               svnraisetreeconflict*
basename*                        emacs@                      lsof*                        pkexec*                svnrdump*
bashbug*                         emacs24@                    lspgpot*                     pkg-config*            svnserve*
bcp*                             emacs24-x*                  ltrace*                      pkgdata*               svnshell*
bison*                           emacsclient@                luit*                        pkill@                 svnsync*
bison.yacc*                      emacsclient.emacs24*        lwp-download*                pkttyagent*            svnversion*
bjam*                            enc2xs*                     lwp-dump*                    pl2pm*                 svnwrap*
bsd-from*                        env*                        lwp-mirror*                  pldd*                  tabs*
bsd-write*                       envsubst*                   lwp-request*                 pmap*                  tac*
bsh*                             epmd@                       lxterm*                      po2debconf*            tail*
bzr*                             eps2eps*                    lynx*                        pod2html*              taskset*
c++@                             eqn*                        lzcat@                       pod2latex*             tbl*
c++filt*                         erb@                        lzcmp@                       pod2latex.bundled*     tclsh@
c2ph*                            erb1.9.1*                   lzdiff@                      pod2man*               tclsh8.6*
c89@                             erl@                        lzegrep@                     pod2text*              tee*
c89-gcc*                         erl_call@                   lzfgrep@                     pod2usage*             test*
c99@                             erlc@                       lzgrep@                      podchecker*            testrb@
c99-gcc*                         escript@                    lzless@                      podebconf-display-po*  testrb1.9.1*
c_rehash*                        etags@                      lzma@                        podebconf-report-po*   tic*
cal@                             etags.emacs24*              lzmainfo*                    podselect*             tig*
calendar*                        ex@                         lzmore@                      policytool@            time*
callgrind_annotate*              expand*                     m17n-db*                     pphs*                  timedatectl*
callgrind_control*               expiry*                     m4*                          pr*                    timeout*
captoinfo@                       expr*                       mail@                        preconv*               tload*
catchsegv*                       factor*                     mail-lock*                   prename*               tmux*
catman*                          faillog*                    mail-touchlock*              print@                 tnameserv@
cautious-launcher*               faked-sysv*                 mail-unlock*                 printafm*              to_erl@
cc@                              faked-tcp*                  mailq@                       printenv*              toe*
cd-create-profile*               fakeroot@                   mailx@                       printerbanner*         top*
cd-fix-profile*                  fakeroot-sysv*              make*                        printf*                touch@
cd-iccdump*                      fakeroot-tcp*               makeconv*                    prove*                 tput*
cg_annotate*                     fallocate*                  man*                         prtstat*               tr*
cg_diff*                         fc-cache*                   mandb*                       ps2ascii*              tree*
cg_merge*                        fc-cat*                     manpath*                     ps2epsi*               troff*
chacl@                           fc-list*                    mapscrn*                     ps2pdf*                truncate*
chage*                           fc-match*                   mawk*                        ps2pdf12*              tset*
chardet*                         fc-pattern*                 mcookie*                     ps2pdf13*              tsort*
chardet3@                        fc-query*                   md5sum*                      ps2pdf14*              ttf2svg*
chardetect3*                     fc-scan*                    md5sum.textutils@            ps2pdfwr*              tty*
chattr*                          fc-validate*                mesg*                        ps2ps*                 tzselect*
chcon*                           file*                       mk_modmap*                   ps2ps2*                ucat@
checksctp*                       find*                       mkfifo*                      ps2txt@                ucf*
chfn*                            find2perl*                  mpiCC@                       psed*                  ucfq*
chkdupexe*                       flex*                       mpiCC.openmpi@               psfaddtable@           ucfr*
chpst*                           flex++@                     mpic++@                      psfgettable@           uconv*
chrt*                            flock*                      mpic++.openmpi@              psfstriptable@         ul*
chsh*                            fmt*                        mpicc@                       psfxtable*             unattended-upgrade*
cifsiostat*                      fold*                       mpicc.openmpi@               psql@                  unattended-upgrades@
ckbcomp*                         font2c*                     mpicxx@                      pstree*                unexpand*
cksum*                           fop*                        mpicxx.openmpi@              pstree.x11@            unicode_stop*
clear*                           fop-ttfreader*              mpiexec@                     pstruct*               uniq*
clear_console*                   free*                       mpiexec.openmpi@             ptar*                  unlink*
clusterdb@                       freetype-config*            mpif77@                      ptardiff*              unlzma@
cmake*                           from@                       mpif77.openmpi@              ptargrep*              unp*
cmp*                             funzip*                     mpif90@                      ptx*                   unpack200@
codepage*                        g++@                        mpif90.openmpi@              pwdx*                  unshare*
col*                             g++-4.8*                    mpirun@                      py3clean*              unxz@
colcrt*                          gawk*                       mpirun.openmpi@              py3compile*            unzip*
colormgr*                        gcc@                        mpstat*                      py3versions@           unzipsfx*
colrm*                           gcc-4.8*                    ms_print*                    pybuild@               update-alternatives*
column*                          gcc-ar@                     msgattrib*                   pyclean*               update-mime-database*
comm*                            gcc-ar-4.8*                 msgcat*                      pycompile*             update-mime-database.real*
compile_et*                      gcc-nm@                     msgcmp*                      pydoc@                 updatedb@
compose@                         gcc-nm-4.8*                 msgcomm*                     pydoc2.7*              updatedb.findutils*
composer*                        gcc-ranlib@                 msgconv*                     pydoc3@                uptime*
config_data*                     gcc-ranlib-4.8*             msgen*                       pydoc3.4*              users*
corelist*                        gcore*                      msgexec*                     pygettext@             uxterm*
couch-config*                    gcov@                       msgfilter*                   pygettext2.7*          vacuumdb@
couchdb*                         gcov-4.8*                   msgfmt*                      pygettext3@            vacuumlo@
couchjs@                         gdb*                        msggrep*                     pygettext3.4*          valgrind*
cpack*                           gdbtui*                     msginit*                     python@                valgrind-di-server*
cpan*                            gdbus*                      msgmerge*                    python2@               valgrind-listener*
cpan2dist*                       gdbus-codegen*              msgunfmt*                    python2.7*             valgrind.bin*
cpanp*                           gem@                        msguniq*                     python3@               vam*
cpanp-run-perl*                  gem1.9.1*                   msql2mysql*                  python3-config@        vgdb*
cpp@                             genbrk*                     mtrace*                      python3.4*             vi@
cpp-4.8*                         gencat*                     mvn@                         python3.4-config@      view@
createdb@                        gencfu*                     mvnDebug@                    python3.4m*            viewres*
createlang@                      gencnval*                   my_print_defaults*           python3.4m-config@     vim@
createuser@                      gendict*                    myisam_ftdump*               python3m@              vim-addon-manager*
crontab*                         genrb*                      myisamchk*                   python3m-config@       vim-addons*
csplit*                          geqn@                       myisamlog*                   pyversions@            vim.basic*
ctags@                           getconf*                    myisampack*                  quickbook*             vim.tiny*
ctags-exuberant*                 getent*                     mysql*                       rake1.9.1*             vimdiff@
ctags.emacs24*                   getfacl@                    mysql_client_test*           ranlib*                vimtutor*
ctest*                           getkeycodes*                mysql_config*                rapt-file*             vmstat*
ctstat@                          getopt*                     mysql_convert_table_format*  rasterizer*            vo_maketags*
curl*                            gettext*                    mysql_find_rows*             rcp@                   volname*
cut*                             gettext.sh*                 mysql_fix_extensions*        rdiffdir*              w@
cvs*                             gettextize*                 mysql_install_db*            rdoc@                  w.procps*
cvs-switchroot*                  ghostscript@                mysql_plugin*                rdoc1.9.1*             wall*
cvsps*                           gio-querymodules@           mysql_secure_installation*   readelf*               watch*
dbilogstrip*                     git*                        mysql_setpermission*         recode-sr-latin*       wc*
dbiprof*                         git-cvsserver*              mysql_tzinfo_to_sql*         redis-benchmark*       wftopfa*
dbiproxy*                        git-receive-pack@           mysql_upgrade*               redis-check-aof*       wget*
dbus-monitor*                    git-shell*                  mysql_waitpid*               redis-check-rdb*       whatis*
dbus-send*                       git-upload-archive@         mysql_zap*                   redis-cli*             whereis*
ddate*                           git-upload-pack*            mysqlaccess*                 redis-sentinel@        which@
deallocvt*                       gitk*                       mysqladmin*                  redis-server*          who*
deb-systemd-helper*              glib-compile-resources@     mysqlanalyze@                regexp-assemble*       whoami*
deb-systemd-invoke*              glib-compile-schemas@       mysqlbinlog*                 reindexdb@             wish@
debconf*                         glib-genmarshal*            mysqlbug*                    rename@                wish8.6*
debconf-apt-progress*            glib-gettextize*            mysqlcheck*                  rename.ul*             withsctp*
debconf-communicate*             glib-mkenums*               mysqld_multi*                renice*                write@
debconf-copydb*                  gobject-query*              mysqld_safe*                 replace*               www-browser@
debconf-escape*                  gold@                       mysqldump*                   reset@                 x-terminal-emulator@
debconf-gettextize*              gpasswd*                    mysqldumpslow*               resize*                x86_64@
debconf-set-selections*          gpg*                        mysqlhotcopy*                resizecons*            x86_64-linux-gnu-addr2line@
debconf-show*                    gpg-zip*                    mysqlimport*                 resizepart*            x86_64-linux-gnu-ar@
debconf-updatepo*                gpgsplit*                   mysqloptimize@               resolve_stack_dump*    x86_64-linux-gnu-as@
delpart*                         gpgv*                       mysqlrepair@                 resolveip*             x86_64-linux-gnu-c++filt@
derb*                            gpic@                       mysqlreport*                 rev*                   x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp@
dgawk*                           gprof*                      mysqlshow*                   rgrep*                 x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp-4.8@
dh*                              grep-changelog@             mysqlslap*                   rhino*                 x86_64-linux-gnu-dwp@
dh_apparmor*                     grep-changelog.emacs24*     mysqltest*                   rhino-debugger*        x86_64-linux-gnu-elfedit@
dh_auto_build*                   gresource*                  namei*                       rhino-jsc*             x86_64-linux-gnu-g++@
dh_auto_clean*                   groff*                      nano@                        ri@                    x86_64-linux-gnu-g++-4.8@
dh_auto_configure*               grog*                       nawk@                        ri1.9.1*               x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc@
dh_auto_install*                 grops*                      ncal*                        rlogin@                x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-4.8@
dh_auto_test*                    grotty*                     ncurses5-config*             rmid@                  x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar@
dh_autotools-dev_restoreconfig*  groups*                     ncursesw5-config*            rmiregistry@           x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-4.8@
dh_autotools-dev_updateconfig*   gs*                         neqn*                        routef*                x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm@
dh_bash-completion*              gsbj*                       newaliases@                  routel*                x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-4.8@
dh_bugfiles*                     gsdj*                       newgrp*                      rpcgen*                x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib@
dh_builddeb*                     gsdj500*                    nfsiostat*                   rsh@                   x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-4.8@
dh_clean*                        gsettings*                  ngettext*                    rsync*                 x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov@
dh_compress*                     gslj*                       nice*                        rtstat@                x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-4.8@
dh_desktop*                      gslp*                       niceload*                    ruby@                  x86_64-linux-gnu-gprof@
dh_fixperms*                     gsnd*                       nl*                          ruby1.9.1*             x86_64-linux-gnu-ld@
dh_gconf*                        gtbl@                       nm*                          run-mailcap*           x86_64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd@
dh_gencontrol*                   gtester*                    node@                        run_erl@               x86_64-linux-gnu-ld.gold@
dh_icons*                        gtester-report*             nohup*                       runcon*                x86_64-linux-gnu-nm@
dh_install*                      gtk-launch*                 nproc*                       runsv*                 x86_64-linux-gnu-objcopy@
dh_installcatalogs*              gtk-update-icon-cache@      nroff*                       runsvdir*              x86_64-linux-gnu-objdump@
dh_installchangelogs*            gtk-update-icon-cache-3.0@  nslookup*                    rview@                 x86_64-linux-gnu-python3-config@
dh_installcron*                  gyp*                        nstat*                       rvim@                  x86_64-linux-gnu-python3.4-config@
dh_installdeb*                   h2ph*                       nsupdate*                    s2p*                   x86_64-linux-gnu-python3.4m-config*
dh_installdebconf*               h2xs*                       numfmt*                      sadf*                  x86_64-linux-gnu-python3m-config@
dh_installdirs*                  hd@                         objcopy*                     sar@                   x86_64-linux-gnu-ranlib@
dh_installdocs*                  head*                       objdump*                     sar.sysstat*           x86_64-linux-gnu-readelf@
dh_installemacsen*               heirloom-mailx*             od*                          savelog*               x86_64-linux-gnu-size@
dh_installexamples*              helpztags*                  oldfind*                     saxon-xslt*            x86_64-linux-gnu-strings@
dh_installgsettings*             heroku@                     ompi-clean@                  scp*                   x86_64-linux-gnu-strip@
dh_installifupdown*              hexdump*                    ompi-iof@                    screendump*            xargs*
dh_installinfo*                  hg*                         ompi-probe*                  script*                xauth*
dh_installinit*                  hg-ssh*                     ompi-profiler*               scriptreplay*          xbsh*
dh_installlogcheck*              host*                       ompi-ps@                     sctp_darn*             xdpyinfo*
dh_installlogrotate*             hostid*                     ompi-server*                 sctp_status*           xdriinfo*
dh_installman*                   hostnamectl*                ompi-top@                    sctp_test*             xev*
dh_installmanpages*              htop*                       ompi_info*                   sdiff*                 xfd*
dh_installmenu*                  i386@                       omshell*                     see@                   xfontsel*
dh_installmime*                  iconv*                      opal_wrapper*                select-editor*         xgettext*
dh_installmodules*               icu-config*                 opalc++@                     sem@                   xkill*
dh_installpam*                   icuinfo*                    opalcc@                      sensible-browser*      xlsatoms*
dh_installppp*                   id*                         openssl*                     sensible-editor*       xlsclients*
dh_installudev*                  ifnames*                    orbd@                        sensible-pager*        xlsfonts*
dh_installwm*                    igawk*                      orte-bootproxy*              seq*                   xmessage*
dh_installxfonts*                indent*                     orte-clean*                  servertool@            xml2-config*
dh_installxmlcatalogs*           infocmp*                    orte-iof*                    service@               xprop*
dh_link*                         infotocap@                  orte-ps*                     setarch*               xslt-config*
dh_lintian*                      init-checkconf*             orte-top*                    setfacl@               xsltproc*
dh_listpackages*                 initctl2dot*                orteCC@                      setkeycodes*           xsubpp*
dh_makeshlibs*                   innochecksum*               orte_wrapper_script*         setleds*               xterm*
dh_md5sums*                      innotop*                    ortec++@                     setlogcons*            xvinfo*
dh_movefiles*                    inspect*                    ortecc@                      setmetamode*           xwininfo*
dh_pangomodules*                 install*                    orted*                       setsid*                xxd*
dh_perl*                         instmodsh*                  orterun*                     setterm*               xz*
dh_perl_dbi*                     ionice*                     otl2docbook*                 sftp*                  xzcat@
dh_prep*                         iostat*                     otl2html*                    sg@                    xzcmp@
dh_pypy@                         ipcmk*                      otl2pdb*                     sha1sum*               xzdiff*
dh_python2*                      ipcrm*                      pack200@                     sha224sum*             xzegrep@
dh_python3@                      ipcs*                       pager@                       sha256sum*             xzfgrep@
dh_scrollkeeper*                 irb@                        pango-querymodules*          sha384sum*             xzgrep*
dh_shlibdeps*                    irb1.9.1*                   pango-view*                  sha512sum*             xzless*
dh_strip*                        ischroot*                   paperconf*                   shasum*                xzmore*
dh_suidregister*                 java@                       parallel*                    showconsolefont*       yacc@
dh_testdir*                      jexec@                      partx*                       showkey*               yes*
dh_testroot*                     join*                       passwd*                      shred*                 zdump*
dh_ucf*                          jq*                         paste*                       shuf*                  zip*
dh_undocumented*                 js@                         patch*                       size*                  zipcloak*
dh_usrlocal*                     json_pp*                    pathchk*                     skill*                 zipdetails*
dialog*                          json_xs*                    pcre-config*                 slabtop*               zipgrep*
diameterc@                       junit*                      pdb@                         slogin@                zipinfo*
diff*                            kbdinfo*                    pdb2.7@                      snice@                 zipnote*
diff3*                           keytool@                    pdb3@                        snmpc@                 zipsplit*
diffindex-download*              killall*                    pdb3.4@                      soelim*                zsoelim*
diffindex-rred*                  koi8rxterm*                 pdbdump*                     sort*
dig*                             last*                       pdf2dsc*                     sotruss*
dircolors*                       lastb@                      pdf2ps*                      splain*
dirname*                         lastlog*                    peekfd*                      split*

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