git 設定事項リストと諸々のメモ

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when created new repository

about remote repository

git remote -v #check remote repository

git remote add origin REMOTE-REPO-URL


when installed git on new environment

to configure

git config --global "YOUR USER NAME"

git config --global "YOUR@EMAIL"

#not needed because vim is usually default and the best / vimは至高
git config --global core.editor vim

#change diff-tool to vimdiff
git config --global merge.tool vimdiff
git config --global color.ui auto

# force --no-ff option when merge command is used / mergeの時、デフォルトで--no-ffが適用されるようにする
# -ff merge is only allowed for pull / ff関係にある時にpullのみ-ffを許可
git config --global --add merge.ff false
git config --global --add pull.ff only

to check configuration

git config --list

git config {key}