CarChex: Offering Top-Notch Mobile Vehicle Inspection Service in Sydney

Buying a car, used or new one is a major financial investment and to get ensured that you have investment in a right vehicle, pre-purchase inspection is necessary. Pre-purchase inspection involves examination of the overall mechanical functioning of the vehicle, which ultimately provides a peace of mind that you have brought a right car. Car inspection is a process involving several test, which requires expertise; therefore it is imperative to hire a reputed company to get optimum services.

When talking about reputed mobile vehicle inspection company in Sydney, NSW, CarChex is a popular name. CarChex is specialized in offering the best-in-class services for complete vehicle inspections which involves body inspections, interior inspections and mechanical inspections. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, they hold an impressive record of inspecting over 500,000 vehicles. Comprehensive pre-purchase health check ensures your safety on road and also prevent excessive repairing charges. Whether it is about compression test, mechanical inspections or any hidden damage to your car, the experts at CarChex are skilled in all.

Detailed safety check makes you feel confident about structural integrity of your car. Car inspection in Sydney NSW also makes sure that you make most out of your car’s resale value. CarChex is known for delivering following services:

  1. Mechanical Inspections:

CarChex leads the market in providing a comprehensive inspection of used car. The experienced mechanics at the company’s behest perform thorough assessment of car’s mechanical state. They employ advanced techniques to provide you unbiased report of the inspection.

  1. Body Inspections:

CarChex perform comprehensive car body and chassis inspection. The car body inspection covers parts like lights and lenses, bumper bars, rust repairs, emergency flasher hazard lights, fog or driving lamps, doors and hatch operations and many more.

  1. Interior Inspections:

CarChex’s interior car inspection includes assessment of front and rear seats, sun roof and windows, steering wheel and grip, dashboard and gauges, heater and mode operation and various other parts, which forms the internal circuitry of car.

CharChex offers efficient services at economical prices, which is why, it is regarded as the best onsite vehicle inspection company in Sydney, NSW. They offer their services in various parts of the country including, but not limited to, Sydney and Perth. They also ensure you full insurance cover at road test and the work site.

Summing up, CarChex is the best company to approach for car inspection services.

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