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ADHD脳 エンジニアのライフハックと仕事!脳のメモリ節約こそ最大の正義

More than 1 year has passed since last update.

ADHD LifeHack WorkHAck down cost of brain memory over flowing

ADHD脳 エンジニアのライフハックと仕事!脳のメモリ節約こそ最大の正義

  • Close unused Google Chrome tabs immediately if you could not choose open or close then CLOSE!
  • Hear somebody advice "Hey keep your memory width" but it is probably not match for you understand yourself :)
  • super USeful UI UX service very supports you and bad UI application kill you so understand your brain working deeply :)



Ruby on Rails 業務経験 約5年 / Perl PHP Python Golang Linux Apache MySQL BigQuery Jenkins ansible AWS など / いなうらゆうま / YumaInaura / 稲浦悠馬
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