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+FriendlyDesktop(Linux) can't boot
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+The SOM-RK3399 was displayed `FriendlyElec`(that is the rogo before OS boot like `Android`) then nothing happen.
+I guess the device couldn't boot. but I didn't find any data to solve the problem for friendlyDesktop OS.
+So the way is Bold. just Flash FriendlyDesktop ROM again with AndroidTool_Release_v2.71 or more. that's the way I did.
+After that the OS was boot without any problem.
+Probably, it started when I changed all the permissions under /etc using `chmod -R 777 /etc`.
+After that, a number of problems occurred, and the permissions under/ etc were changed many times by `chmod`. (I forgot 400 or 555 or 444 or other).
+That is very ridiculous.
+Probably, in linux, it is highly possible that the startup script is stored under /etc.
+that is the reason the device couldn't boot I think.