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Roughly speaking, Anand in the film, like the real guy, is a mathematical genius whose academic brilliance gets him admission in Cambridge University. His impoverished family cannot raise the funds to send him there though. A chain of circumstances leads Anand to a coaching institute for IIT JEE aspirants where he becomes a star teacher and starts raking in good money. However, he decides one day to give up his increasingly comfortable life and set up a free coaching school for underpriviledged children where he will train 30 chosen ones for the IIT entrance exam each year, providing them with food and a house for an entire year as he trains them. He calls it Super 30. This leads to a clash between Anand and powerful players in the state's coaching institute racket.

With all its problems, there is a certain poignance to the account of Anand's early life as we witness the love within his family despite their financial struggles, the endearing flirtations between his father and mother, his father's wisdom and mother's joyousness, and the malice of those who claim to care about the downtrodden but in fact only care for their votes.