ReverseProxy with Authentication in Windows

At first, Windows/Apache does very well.
But detail customize is really difficult rather than Linux/Apache.

ReverseProxy with Basic Authentication is needed in DMZ
and that ends to TableauServer in Intranet.

What proxy is good?

IIS...MS Good.
Apache...everyone uses Good.
Nginx...I'don know

So did PoC below two tools.

IIS...sends Basic Authentication at ReverseProxy to backend server, and backend confused.
And Basic Authentication dialog appears threeeee times!!!
SO BAD!!!.And there is no good workaround.

Apache...RequestHeader unset Authorization(IIS doesn't have this) does well!!

So I decided to use Apache

But I got critical error in using mod_dbd.
mod_dbd needs drivers such as pgsql,mysql,sqlite3 and so on.

But all of them in my Windows Environment make error(Can't load file mod_aaa.so)
(Maybe I have not enough knowledge about using network tools.
And I tried to compile from source code, but did nothing... )

So lastly,I use DBDriver "ODBC" and create ODBC Connection to various RDBMS.
This works fine!!!