[Review] CNN Summary


In this article, I would like to summarise and get together the components to understand CNN.

Research Paper Summary

Since I have read two research papers, I will brief both of them in my another articles.
1. Gradient-Based Learning Applied to Document Recognition:
Authors: Yann LeCun, Leon Bottou, Yoshua Bengio and Patrick Haffer
2. Recent Advances in Convolutional Neural Networks
Authors: Jiuxiang Gua,∗ , Zhenhua Wangb,∗ , Jason Kuenb , Lianyang Mab , Amir Shahroudyb , Bing Shuaib , Ting Liub , Xingxing Wangb , Li Wangb , Gang Wangb , Jianfei Caic , Tsuhan Chenc

Implementation of CNN in python with Numpy

Math in CNN

What "Convolution" means mathematically?

Nice Summary of Algorithms in CNN