love D-Lang.
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I'm a network designer.I work on TOPPERS SmallestSetProfile Kernel,MISRA-C, STARC RTL Design StyleGuide (Verilog-HDL),HAZOP,ISO/IEC15504(AutomotiveSPICE),ISO26262. I was an editor on ISO/IEC 15504.

Languages: Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, Scala, TypeScript, etc... Full stack developer

ヾ(  l   _   l  〃)ノ゙ドン☆

Freelance IP network and server engineer, Full stack engineer nowadays. I am looking for a part-time remote work, and can provide my time about 40 hours a month. D/Ruby/Python/Perl, *BSD/Linux



Languages: Perl, Perl6, C#(WPF), Java, TypeScript / Tools: Emacs, IDEA / Learning: F#